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[P R E O R D E R] Fox Guardian | Stay Gold

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This is a pre order, it will be available from 15 May, 6pm-11pm Singapore time so please place your orders before the end of the pre order period. The required wait time before dispatch is indefinite for now, so please only order if you’re able to wait at least a month and up as each fox is made by me and my two achy hands. ** Please note there will be no customisations on the design.

To staying gold and marvelling at the beauty of the world as a child does. Each one will be individually hand sculpted with porcelain clay and fired in the kiln to a temperature of 1205c. They are left unglazed to maintain that powdery soft look. They measure about 2cm in height and will be adorned with real 22k gold. My signature is etched on the base. 

Measurements: Approximately 2cm tall

Lead time before dispatch: Indefinite (At least 1 month)
Shipping time after dispatch:
Local 2-3 working days
International 2weeks - 8weeks

Each creation is handmade and comes with its own perfect imperfections.