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Shop Restock Matters

As I create everything from scratch and never have a fixed plan as to what will be made in the next round. The time it takes for each batch varies. I can't tell for sure when an update will be until a few days before it is ready to go. The best way to stay on top of things is to follow my progress on Instagram @LithopsStudio and check the bio there for most up to date details. Another way to be notified is to sign up for my mailing list. I don't send a lot of mail, maybe 1-2 every month, just when a shop update is looming or in the case I need to share urgent news.

There isn't really a fixed frequency of restocks but I would say at about once per month if I am in town. To have most up to date details on when the next restock will be, follow me on Instagram @LithopsStudio for updates or join my mailing list (-:

I sell through my online shop only. If you see a particular item on my Instagram but can't find it in the shop, it's either not available for purchase yet or sold out. Anything that's available for sale will be in the shop.

I create in small batches and once things are ready, a date and time will be scheduled where they will be restocked into the shop. The exact details will be announced on Instagram at least 1 day prior to the restock and an email will be sent to my mailing list. I will also do a preview of what's heading into my shop on my Instagram stories before the update if I haven't already shared everything in a post.

Unfortunately, no - This is to be fair to everyone who waited for the scheduled date and time to purchase something.
I have made reservations before in the past when I was less aware. I learnt how disappointing it can be to wait for a specific item to head into the shop to find you never even had a chance. But please know that I am always thankful for all of your interest in procuring one of my pieces.


It's really hard to say. But if there's a particular creation that you are gunning for, I'd recommend coming to the shop at the scheduled restock date and time to make the purchase. Also, create an account for speedier checkouts (-: I guess all I can say is some things go fast and some things go slow.


Items in your cart are not reserved and if someone else completes checkout for that item before you, it can become sold out. Please update your cart and review the items before checkout if something in your cart gets sold-out.


I’m sorry you didn’t manage to get the item you wanted however I do not take special orders of this nature. I need the freedom to create. If I constantly take orders to remake items after each shop restock I will not be able to grow. Your understanding is appreciated!


Amex, ApplePay, GooglePay, MasterCard, Paypal, ShopPay, Visa

My prices are shown in Singapore dollars (SGD). I have a toggle on my menu that allows you to see the prices in different currencies. However, my shop ultimately accepts payments in SGD and the currency conversions will be dependent on exchange rates at the time of your payment as well as your payment mode. I noticed that the prices switch back to SGD when you select options within a listing, so do take note and only use it as an estimate.


Processing time of 3-5 working days for final assembly and for your parcel to be carefully packed.
Local (Singapore) - 2-5 working days on average not accounting for unexpected delays

International - 2-10 weeks on average not accounting for unexpected delays
* There are extended delays of months arising from the effects of Covid19


I use QXpress Asia to ship all my orders. You can find the list of countries I am able to ship to here - Available Shipping Destinations The list may get updated from time to time depending on global situations that arise.
You can track your order by clicking the tracking ID on your confirmation email or inputting your tracking ID on this website - Qxpress Tracking 

Local deliveries are a flat 4SGD

The cost of international deliveries depends on your destination as well as on the weight of your parcel but in general it starts at about 15SGD for most countries and increases with the weight/size of your parcel.

Process and Materials

I use ceramic clays for all of my work. These clays need to be fired in a kiln to a temperature of beyond 1000 degrees celsius to fully mature. Bulk of my work thus far is made using porcelain clay but I always enjoy experimenting with different clays with varying characteristics.



The gold you see used on my work is real 22K gold. I use gold lustre and it's specially formulated to be used on ceramics and needs to be fired in the kiln to become the gold you see. I'm not exactly sure of its exact constituents but I'd say it's really small particles of gold in a solvent.

I work with ceramics so the 'gloss' you see is actually ceramic glaze. It needs to be fired in a kiln to temperatures beyond 1000 degrees celsius where it turns glassy and strong. 


I am starting to take on a limited number of custom orders and am finding a particular affinity in crafting commemorative pet designs. I hope my work can bring comfort to those of you who have lost a dear friend. I can only take on a few custom orders in a year and will only take on the project if I trust that I'll be able to deliver on your request.

I know I might not be able to take on everyone's request and in that instance, I can recommend other amazing artists who might!

Thank you for your interest in working with me, if a custom order doesn't work out between us, I hope you'll find something you love during one of the scheduled shop updates.

Not for the moment, I may come up with something in future though so do follow me on Instagram @LithopsStudio if you'd like to stay updated. Alternatively you could subscribe to my mailing list for updates.