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Chien Nie the hands behind Lithops Studio

Hi there, 

I’m Chien Nie and I’m the maker behind Lithops Studio and I'm currently living and creating in sunny Singapore 

I have been dabbling in crafts ever since I was a little girl. I’ve stuck my fingers in all sorts of different making techniques; pottery, metal smithing and wire wrapping to name a few. I really enjoy making things. I draw inspiration from all things; nature, books, fleeting emotions, urban living, anything that makes me feel something. 

Constantly, working to create treasures with an extra glint of magic.

I started Lithops Studio in 2017. I mainly work with ceramics for the pieces in my shop and I absolutely love this medium. From an amorphous form of clay, it has the potential to become just about anything your mind and hands can conjure. Each piece meticulously handcrafted and fired numerous times before completion. 

I hope my creations help bring light to the quiet place within you. Slow down, breathe and be present. A little too much, we lose sight of the now, the little things that matter, and they make all the difference. 

A little reminder, don’t forget to breathe. 

Lots of Light
Chien Nie
​[chee-an nee]