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Tutorial: Turning an Object or Totem into a Pendant

Hi there, this is a quick and easy tutorial for those of you who want to turn your little sculptures/totems into a pendant. There are definitely other ways to go about this but the one I'm going through below is a simple one that uses materials easily found around the house. Do note that this method works best with little totems that have legs or have a form that is narrow in the middle and widens to the sides. This helps hold the cord in place. I hope you'll have fun with the project.
Tools and materials:
Object of your choice
Super glue
Approximately 25cm of strong string/cord
*Required length depends on size of object
( I used 401 instant glue and waterproof japanese silk cord )
Step 1: Tie the cord around the narrowest portion of your object.
Step 2: Tie a simple overhand knot and pull tight.
Step 3: Continue holding the knot tight and drop some glue on the knot.
Step 4: Allow glue to dry fully.
Step 5: Drench the rest of the cord around the sculpture with glue to reinforce and stop the cord sliding around. Allow to dry fully.
Step 6: Tie more knots for extra reinforcements and drench with glue. Allow to dry fully.
Step 7: Making the bail. Gauge how big you want your loop/bail to be. Do note it has to be larger than the clasp on your necklace so you can slip it through the loop.
Step 8: Tie a dead knot, slowly adjusting it to reach the desired bail size.
Step 9: Finish your dead knot and tighten.
Step 10: Cut off the excess cord.
Step 11: Apply glue to the dead knot so it doesn't fray and stays put. Allow to dry completely.
Step 12: String your chain through the bail.
All done!
DIY Cord Necklace
I hope that was helpful for any of you interested in turning your little totem into a necklace to wear around. Have a beautiful day ahead!
*Do note its best not to get your necklace wet if you have used this method unless you are absolutely sure your glue is strong enough to survive in a wet environment.